MARCH 2020

Planning to travel to the Fiesta del Tambor?  Let us help you plan your trip!

Every year this event draws top musicians, percussionists, and dancers from Cuba & abroad for concerts, gala performances, competitions and master workshops. Whether you are a professional dancer or musician, a beginner just starting to take classes, or simply a cultural enthusiast, we have designed a special program that enables you to experience in the best moments of the festival and enjoy some of the most popular components of our signature trips in a legal and safe way!


MetaMovements Activity Package

  • A full-time schedule of activities that meet current US & Cuban regulations, as well as providing advice, documentation and/or reporting as needed

  • Coordination & management of your full schedule of activities

  • A wide range of resources & contacts to quickly adjust your program in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. (For example: Road closures, loss of power, event cancellations… the types of things that we know can happen in Cuba! )

  • MetaMovements Letter of Certification/Travel Affidavit that all activities comply with current regulations put forth by both the Cuban and US Governments

MetaMovements Support Package

  • Pre-tour briefing, travel preparation & consultation

  • Special orientation course to daily life on the island -- we stay current on all of the things you will want to know, so that you can have the most enjoyable trip

  • Ongoing review and legal advice due to the frequently changing regulations in Cuba and the US -- we stay updated so that you don’t have to worry

  • Knowledgeable MetaMovements liaison & friendly Cuban hosts

  • 24 - hour assistance available for emergencies

  • A neighborhood orientation to understand the lay of the land in your new neighborhood  -- know where you can purchase necessary items, which restaurants are recommended by past travelers & our host, and where you can connect to the internet!


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